Financing of RAW management

According to the Ukraine government strategy (Strategy, 2009), until recently the cost of RAW management at NPP was included in the price of electric energy. The following were funded from the State Budget of Ukraine:

• management of waste from research nuclear reactors;

• decommissioning of units 1-3 of Chernobyl NPP;

• RAW management at the SSE ‘Complex’ and the enterprises of UkrSA ‘Radon’;

• construction of the ‘Vector’ complex.

Work for decommissioning of Chernobyl NPP units 1-3 was also funded by international technical assistance programmes, and RAW management at the enterprises of UkrSA ‘Radon’ — partly at the expense of companies supplying RAW.

Budgetary funding was sufficient only to maintain the level of safety achieved for RAW management facilities. Implementation of moderniza­tion, reconstruction and construction of new storage facilities and other objects of RAW management infrastructure, as well as implementation of measures to improve safety was funded according to the residual principle. Reservation of funds for the forthcoming costs of RAW disposal was not carried out.

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