Main players and their responsibilities

In Ukraine, the following functions are differentiated at the legislative


• public administration in the field of nuclear energy use and governmen­tal regulation of nuclear and radiation safety;

• public administration in the field of nuclear energy use and RAW disposal.

In Ukraine the competences and responsibilities for RAW management are

distributed at the national level as follows.

• Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada): adoption of laws in the area of nuclear energy utilization and waste management including, when necessary, construction, design and siting of nuclear facilities and RAW management facilities of national importance (including near-surface disposal and disposal in geological formations).

• Cabinet ofMinisters: decision making on construction, design and siting of nuclear installations and RAW management facilities with the excep­tion of those under the competence of Parliament, management of nuclear facilities and RAW management facilities being the national property.

• Ministry ofPublic Health: establishment of radiation safety regulations, regulatory and supervisory activities over following norms and rules of radiation safety, issuance of sanitary passports for RAW management facilities.

• State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate: establishing normative criteria for following radiation safety norms, issuing licenses for implementation of activity on RAW management, supervision over compliance with regulatory requirements and conditions of license including coercive actions.

• Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry: national administration in the area of RAW management at Ukrainian NPPs, including co-ordination of activities on construction and operation of radioactive waste manage­ment facilities at NPPs.

• Ministry of Emergency : national administration in the sphere of RAW management, including co-ordination of activity on construction and operation of RAW disposal facilities.

Any practical activities are carried out by the State Specialized Companies (SSC) of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Emergency within their competence. Such companies shall have the licence for conducting activities on siting, designing, constructing, operating, decommissioning nuclear facili­ties or siting, designing, constructing, operating, and closing of a RAW storage facilities. They shall ensure nuclear and radiation safety and bear responsibility for nuclear damage.

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