Combined LRAW treatment

The optimum treatment of low-level liquid RAW involves a modular approach to the process, in which there is an autonomous technological module for each specific technology used in the LRAW treatment. At MosNPO ‘Radon’, long-term investigations were carried out into the effec­tiveness of different methods of low-level liquid RAW treatment, resulting in the development of a modular unit known as ‘Aqua-express’, involving h sorption and diaphragm methods of cleaning [20]. This unit, shown in Fig. 10.6, includes a filter-container with a nickel ferrocyanide absorbent (1), a cascade of sorption-filled filters (2), an ultra-filtration module (3) with membranes, the pore size of which does not exceed 50-100 nm. The unit’s capacity is 300-500 l/h of initial liquid RAW.

In 2002-2006 modular units of this sort were supplied to research centres in Bangladesh, Syria, Iran, Serbia and Uzbekistan. In 2006-2007 modular units were included in the projects of the Kazan department of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) ‘RosRAO’ and the United Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research in Belarus, and in 2007 they were delivered to Rostov SK Radon.

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