Western European Nuclear Regulatory Authorities (WENRA) reference levels

The WENRA (Western European Nuclear Regulatory Authorities) refer­ence levels are an important European initiative on the harmonisation of radioactive waste management safety, based on the IAEA safety standards and the experience of 17 countries within Europe. In the last few years the

WENRA working group on Waste and Decommissioning (WGWD) has developed safety reference levels for:

• Waste and spent fuel storage [90];

• Decommissioning [91].

The levels are based on an analysis of the current situation in countries and the different safety approaches adopted, comparison of individual national regulatory approaches with the IAEA safety standards. The initiative iden­tified any differences and made proposals on a way to possibly eliminate the differences without impairing the resulting level of safety. The work included a review of national legal frameworks and practical implementa­tion of the proposed WENRA reference levels. On the basis of the work performed, the WENRA member countries are working on the implemen­tation of the agreed reference levels in their national legal framework [92].

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