EU Directives and recommendations

There are a number of European Union (EU) Directives (mandatory docu­ments that have to be applied by member countries of the EU through their legal systems), regulations (mandatory documents that apply directly to the member countries) and recommendations (non-mandatory status). The main current directives and regulations are:

• Council Directive 96/29/Euratom on Basic Safety Standards [84] , cur­rently being revised based on the ICRP 103 [7] and the revision of the IAEA Basic Safety Standards GSR Part 3 [55];

• Council Directive 2006/117/Euratom on the Supervision and Control of Shipments of Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel (it supersedes Direc­tive 92/3 Euratom of 1992) [85];

• Council Regulation (Euratom) No. 1493/93 on Shipment of Radioactive Substances between Member States [86];

• Council Directive 2009/71/Euratom on Establishing a Community Framework for the Nuclear Safety of Nuclear Installations [87];

• Council Directive 2003/122/Euratom on the Control of High-activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and Orphan Sources [88];

• Council Directive 97/11/EC on the Assessment of the Effects of Certain Public and Private Projects on the Environment (amending Directive 85/337/EEC) [89] ;

• In addition a new Council Directive on the Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste 2011/70/EURATOM was approved in July 2011 that addresses safety at all stages of management of spent fuel and predisposal and disposal of radioactive waste [23].

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