The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

According to its 1956 statute [10] ’ the IAEA together with its Member States[3] has the mandate to develop international safety standards (on nuclear, waste, radiation and transport safety) and to provide for their application by regulators, operators, technical support organisations and vendors. The standards on waste safety are made up of safety fundamentals, safety requirements and safety guides (see Section 3.4) that address safety criteria, and best practices for compliance during generation, management prior to disposal and disposal of all types of RAW. The IAEA applies various mechanisms to assist Member States in applying the safety stand­ards, such as peer reviews (pre-disposal [11] and disposal [12]), technical cooperation projects [13] ’ international inter-comparison projects (ISAM [14] ’ ASAM/PRISM [ 15] ’ SADRWMS [16] ’ etc.); training and education, and exchange of information, e. g. conferences [17, 18] and thematic work­shops [19] .

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