Chemical parameter control

Chemical parameter control is applied mostly in liquid waste streams and at the beginning of the waste life cycle. Operational control of selected technological equipment can also be incorporated in the control plan. Con­trolled parameters for each waste stream shall be carefully selected and optimized. The control plan shall be established to reflect the requirements of the technological equipment operator and to assure the quality of the final product and its compliance with the requirements for waste disposal (WAC). Information on chemical composition, acidity, salinity and other chemical and physical-chemical parameters is used in RAW process tech­nology planning, and the ‘as generated’ waste parameters can be adjusted to suit the process technology. Another objective is to manage different waste streams to optimize process conditions for available processing tech­nologies with the aim of achieving the best possible utilization of disposal facility space (‘filling’ the container) and at the same time assuring compli­ance with the WAC.

A declaration of selected biological parameters might also be required by the WAC; therefore their control shall be performed on selected waste streams (in particular in waste streams containing organic material), usually in parallel with control of chemical parameters.

Waste matrix parameters and final waste form quality control (qualifica­tion tests: chemical durability, leaching properties, long-term performance in disposal site conditions, etc.) are also a significant part of a laboratory chemical control system.

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