Disused sealed sources (DSS)

DSS are a special category of institutional RAW coming from various industrial (non-destructive testing), medical, research and other applica­tions. Under normal conditions, they comprise firmly-contained single radionuclides with an activity that can vary over several orders of magnitude — from low dose rates brachytherapy and positron emission to­mography (PET) sources (typical activity of 10E-2-10E-4 TBq) to highly active teletherapy sources and radioisotope thermoelectric generators (typical activity of order of magnitude 10E-4 TBq). Various radionuclides, almost exclusively artificial, are used in sealed sources. The categorization of new sealed sources, described in detail in Ref. [6], is fully applicable also to DSS. A detailed registry of sealed sources is usually established according to national regulations and the most common procedure for management of spent sealed sources is to return them to the manufacturer, who is re­sponsible for further disposal.

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