Exempt waste (EW)

Exempt wastes are the wastes that meet the criteria for clearance, exemp­tion or exclusion from regulatory control for radiation protection purposes as described in Refs [4] and [5]. The concentration of radionuclides in exempt wastes is negligibly small and no provisions are required for radia­tion protection of professional staff and public, irrespective of the disposal route (RAW disposal facilities or common conventional landfills). No special requirements are established for management and disposal of EW, and for RAW managers and for technologists it is always questionable whether EW should be considered in RAW management planning, or whether such wastes could be omitted and managed as non-radioactive waste. The exemption procedure, consensual criteria for exempt waste and exemption levels for total activity and activity concentration of individual radionuclides are established in Refs [4] and [5]. They are based on dose rates for the public, recommended by the ICRP and generally accepted worldwide.

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