Future trends

Once a high level waste repository is in operation, the remaining step in the life of a nuclear power plant is the decommissioning and demolition.

This may not be a major challenge, as nuclear power plants have been demolished before (e. g., Yankee Rowe and Big Rock Point in USA). Both the Swedish and Finnish authorities (SSM and STUK, respectively) require that the reactor owner submit plans for decommissioning of their reactors. In Finland, plans were submitted in 2008 (TVO, 2008; Kallonen et al, 2008) and an update is due in 2014. In Sweden this is done every third year when submitting the research, development and demonstration (RD&D) plan (SKB, 2010). Sweden has already shut down three reactors, Agesta and Barseback 1 and 2. The decommissioning work is scheduled to begin around 2020. In Finland, where all reactors are still operational, the stating time is about ten years later.

13.4 Acknowledgement

The assistance of Anders Lindblom in producing the figures is gratefully acknowledged.

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