BN-600 Application for SLF Production

IPPE, Obninsk and the Combustible Resources Institute (CRI) have proposed a project using fast neutron reactors such as BN-600 for power to be used for *SLF production from low-grade coals or heavy petroleum. The intention of the scheme is to use the existing technology of the BN-600 plant. The process will involve fuel hydrogenation using

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1 — core; 2 — vessel system; 3 — leak tight core shell; 4 — intermediate heat exchanger;

5 — primary circuit circulator with cut-off valve; 6 — pressurization protection device;

7 — primary coolant purification system; 8 — refueling complex; 9 — small absorber balls system;

10 — fuel element unloading mechanism; 11 — control rod drive; 12 — small absorber balls system drive; 13 — emergency cooldown system; 14 — localizing valves.

Figure 14.4. VGM-P reactor. Source: Golovko et al. (1998).

technologies developed by CRI and take advantage of previous worldwide experience from the UK and Germany (Troyanov et al., 1998). The technological processes for SLF production are described in Mourogov et al. (1994).

BN-800 is also proposed as a 800 MWe version.

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