The Chinese are testing PBMR technology within the HTR-10 project. HTR-10 is a small test reactor of only 10 MWt and is operated by the Chinese Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology (INET). The reactor first went critical in late 2000. The fuel has been fabricated in China but is based on German fuel technology. The thermal-hydraulic cycle is being tested in several stages. Initially the steam/power cycle is being verified. This will be followed by testing of the gas turbine cycle.

The Institute of Nuclear Technology (INET) in Beijing, China, is developing several reactor systems for non-electrical applications (Sun et al., 1998). Technologies for water — cooled heating reactors and for modular high-temperature reactors are being developed. A 5-MW water-cooled test reactor was constructed in 1989 and feasibility studies for seawater desalination using the reactor as the power source are in progress. For high- temperature applications, a 10 MWt test reactor, HTR-10, is seen as a step towards developing a commercial HTGR demonstration plant.

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