The State Research Centre of the Russian Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (SRC RF-IPPE) is examining the potential of a series of RUTA pool type reactors from 10-50 MWt (Baranaev et al., 1998) (Figure 14.1). This builds on experience gained from the 10 MWt water-graphite reactor AM that has operated for district heating since 1976. The system is being developed to provide a flexible power source for supplying heat either to cities or to much smaller communities. There is a particular need in the more remote regions of Russia (Adamov and Romenkov, 1996).

The RUTA system (Adamov et al., 1995) is based on a single reactor vessel operating at low pressure and in general the reactor process parameters are low, e. g. no water boiling in the pool. The power density is also low at approximately 15 kW l_1. The system is integral with the primary heat exchangers accommodated within the pool. Water circulates by natural circulation under both normal and accident conditions.

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