This design has been put forward by General Atomics within their GT-MHR development programme as a future plant to produce electricity at high efficiency. It satisfies Generation IV objectives, having passive safety, good economics, improved proliferation resistance and better environmental attributes than the current generation of nuclear plants, in that it has better fuel utilisation and produces less waste. It has a high outlet temperature of 850°C and therefore has the additional potential for hydrogen production via high-temperature electrolysis or water splitting. The technology could be put forward for development within the next generation nuclear plant (NGNP) demonstration project at Idaho national engineering and environmental laboratory (INEEL). The nominal power for a single unit is envisaged to be about 293 MWe. The timescale for a possible construction would not be until about 2009. In regard to the economics, the overnight capital costs for 4 standard units is foreseen as about $1000 per kWe with 20 year levelled generation costs of

3.1 cents per kWh (based on 2003 dollars).

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