There are six units operating in Slovakia that provide a large share of the country’s electricity requirement, 73% in 2002 (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c). Two of these are the first generation VVER-440/230 design, Bohunice 1 & 2. These have been extensively refurbished in 2003, including modernised control systems and replacement ECCS. Nevertheless, these units are due to close by 2006 and 2008, respectively (World Nuclear Association, 2003). There are also four second generation VVER-440/213 plants in operation, Bohunice 3 & 4 and the newest plants, Mochovce 1 & 2. Upgrading projects for Mochovce, e. g. replacement of the I & C system have been implemented. A similar upgrade is scheduled for Bohunice 3 & 4 (EUR 20056 EN, 2001).

6.3.7 Slovenia

Slovenia has one operating PWR unit, which in 2002 generated 41% of the country’s energy requirement (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c). The Krsko nuclear power plant is jointly owned with Croatia. The two countries now have an agreement on the status of the plant and also for the management of radioactive waste. It also provides for a joint decommissioning programme.

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