Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has six nuclear power plant units in operation, four at Dukovany (VVER-440/213) and two at Temelin (VVER-1000) (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003b). In 2002, the nuclear share of electricity generation was 25%, (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2002). Of these, the Temelin units are the newest plant — these underwent commissioning and active tests in 2002.

6.3.5 Hungary

In Hungary, there are four operating VVER-440/213 units operating at Paks. In 2002, they produced 36% of the country’s electricity requirement (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c). Upgrading projects have been implemented for the Paks plants following recommen­dations from the G7 countries to improve the safety of all Soviet-designed reactors in Central and Eastern Europe.

6.3.6 Lithuania

A very large share of the country’s energy requirement comes from operation of the Ignalina RBMK units 1 & 2. In 2002, these plants generated 80% of domestic electricity

(Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c). Despite improvements, these plants will be shutdown before the end of their 30-year design lifetime (World Nuclear Association, 2003). Ignalina 1 is due to close by 2005 and the closure date for Ignalina 2 will be set in 2004.

The Lithuanian government has approved the design and eventual construction of an interim spent storage facility to be built at the Ignalina site.

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