6.3.3 Armenia

Armenia has one early VVER-270 unit operable.

6.3.4 Bulgaria

Until recently, Bulgaria had four VVER-440/230 units operating at Kozloduy generating 47% of the country’s electricity in 2002 (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2002). Units 1 & 2 closed at the end of December 2002 (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003a). Units 3 & 4 are continuing in operation, due to a pending government decision on their safety, following the outcome of several international reviews (including European Commission and WANO) (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003e). Further upgrading of Units 5 & 6 is likely to be carried out (World Nuclear Association, 2003).

There are plans for the construction of the Belene nuclear plant to be resumed in 2004, starting up by 2008. A feasibility study is ongoing in 2003. Results are expected in October 2003 after which time the decision to resume or otherwise will be taken (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2002).

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