Other Asian Countries Bangladesh. Bangladesh currently has one operating research reactor. There are plans to reconsider building a 600 MWe reactor (World Nuclear Association, 2003). Indonesia. There are currently three research reactors in operation in Indonesia (World Nuclear Association, 2003). The potential for nuclear power generation is under review. An original feasibility study recommended that first units totalling 1800 MWe should be commissioned about 2004 but according to World Nuclear Association (2003), nuclear power has been deferred indefinitely. North Korea. In North Korea, there are two partially built units and a research reactor (World Nuclear Association, 2003). A South Korean Standard Nuclear Plant type is also under construction. Philippines. The Philippines have one research reactor but it is not currently operating (World Nuclear Association, 2003). Taiwan. Taiwan currently has six units in operation meeting 22% of its electrical energy requirement. Two further advanced reactor units are being built (World Nuclear Association, 2003). Thailand. Thailand has one research reactor and one reactor under construction (World Nuclear Association, 2003). There are some tentative plans to have a power reactor in operation in the next 10 years. It would be followed by five further units. Vietnam. Vietnam has one research reactor (World Nuclear Association, 2003). The country is studying the viability of nuclear power and possibly installing some nuclear power plant by 2010.

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