6.3.1 Canada

Canada has 14 operating nuclear power plant units, which in 2002 produced 14% of the country’s electricity, compared to 13% of the previous year (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003b). There are a total of 22 nuclear power units but 8 of these have been shutdown for several years. In 2003, permission has been given to load fuel into Units 3 & 4 of Bruce A nuclear power plant. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has granted permission for restart subject to certain specific requirements (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c).

Looking to the future, Canada is participating in the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) to facilitate the R & D for these reactor systems.

The long-term management of nuclear waste is under study. In 2002, the Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Organisation was set up to investigate various concepts (World Nuclear Association, 2003). The main proposal under consideration is to bury the waste in the rock of the Canadian Shield, at depths of 500-1000 m, below the water table.

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