The Netherlands’ sole remaining nuclear plant, Borssele, continues to operate (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003c) but in 2002, it only contributed to 4% of the electricity generation (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2002). In 1994, the Netherlands declared a moratorium on the building of new nuclear power reactors (European Commission, 2000).

The Dodewaard BWR was closed for economic reasons in 1997, and the last remaining spent fuel assemblies have been shipped to Sellafield in the UK. The plant site will be decommissioned with the intention of returning to a green field site after 40 years.

The Netherlands is however looking to ensure continuation of medical isotopes production after the Petten research reactor reaches the end of its operational life in 2015. The intention is to site a new research reactor at Petten (Foratom e-Bulletin, 2003b).

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