Nuclear safety in Russia is governed by laws on radiation safety of the population of the Russian federation, a law on radioactive waste management and a law on the utilisation of atomic energy (IAEA-TECDOC-905, 1996).

The regulatory standards that are applied to nuclear plants in Russia are described in a basic document ‘Atomic Power Plants General Safety Regulations’, OPB-88 (IAEA — TECDOC-905, 1996). This is supplemented by a number of documents on basic regulations for the assurance of safety in nuclear plants (OPB-88), PNAEG-1-011-89; radiation safety standards, NRB-76/87; nuclear safety rules for NPPs, PBYa-Ryu-AS-89, PNAE G-1-024-90; and rules of design and safe operation of equipment and piping of NPPs, PNAE G-7-008-89. In 1993, a regulation was issued by the Federal Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority of Russia on NPP Siting to deal with limiting the consequences of severe accidents and requiring that they be considered in the design of future reactors (Federal Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority of Russia, 1993).

There is a large work programme in improving the safety of currently operating plant to ensure their safety standards are consistent with latest regulations.

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