The main legislation for nuclear safety in Hungary is the Act on Atomic Energy (Act No. CXVI of 1996 on nuclear energy), which became law in 1997 (EUR 20055 EN, 2001). For implementation of the act, there are a number of regulations, 12 Government Decrees and 33 Ministerial Decrees. These are issued by various ministries: the Hungarian Ministries of Interior, Health, Agriculture, Economic Affairs, Transport and Water Management and Environment. The primary regulatory body is the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA).

The Hungarian safety regulations are generally non-prescriptive. There are no particular design codes defined by the Authority. However, certain requirements are set, e. g. in regard to the validation of methodologies used, etc.

The nuclear safety regulations have been set fairly recently over the past decade. At the present time, they are considered to be appropriate for future reactors as well.

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