Requirements for Long-Term Knowledge Management

As already stated, when a nuclear accident occurs there is a much larger volume of wastes and greater variety of waste types than the conventional wastes generated from the usual operation and planned decommissioning of a nuclear power unit. The wastes from a nuclear accident also contain a wider range of concentrations for the various radionuclides. Consequently, it will take a long period to characterize the wastes and to carry out the R&D and evaluation of treatment and disposal technology. It is also expected that the actual treatment and disposal of the wastes will not take place until after more than a few decades. In consideration of this waste management period, long-term knowledge management is needed. The authors propose the formation of an R&D implementation and evaluation team that will manage and retain technical knowledge. The team should involve younger staff members, and education and training of the next generation of staff should be performed by on-the-job training (OJT).

28.2 Conclusion

A significant volume of highly contaminated water was generated from the acci­dents at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Units. Several methods have been applied to decontaminate the radioactivity of the water, and these methods have generated various kinds of sludge and spent adsorbents as secondary wastes. Because long-term waste management is needed, the authors examined a broad range of issues concerning how to manage these wastes in a safe and efficient manner. The requirements for an inventory list and online waste management system; a development strategy for waste treatment, storage, transport, and disposal technology; formation of an R&D implementation and evaluation team; and long­term knowledge management are proposed.

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