The fundamental legislation for nuclear energy in France is based on the Decree on Nuclear Installations issued in December 1963, together with further decrees in 1970, 1974 and 1984 (EUR 20055 EN, 2001). The regulatory body is formed within the Ministry for Industry and administered by the Ministry for Environment. It is represented by DSIN (Direction de la Sdrete des Installations Nucleaires) which is responsible for regulation and inspection of the plants.

The regulatory regime is not prescriptive; no particular design codes are prescribed by DSIN. However, Basic Guidelines for Safety RFS (Regles Fondamentales de Srnete) are defined by DSIN. In practice, American design codes were used (ASME) but later, French design codes (RRC: Regles de Conception et de Construction) have been developed by the French industry that meet the requirements of the safety authority.

In 1989, France and Germany agreed to harmonise their safety approach for future reactors. In 1990, the safety authorities of both countries formed the DFD (Deutsche — Franzosische Direktion) forming close links between DSIN on the French side and BMU on the German side (Bundesministerium ffir Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit). In 1992, the DFD agreed that the DSIN and BMU would establish a common safety approach for future reactors.

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