The Nuclear Energy Act and a supporting Nuclear Energy Decree 1988 cover the construction and operation of nuclear facilities and all other matters in connection with the management and handling of nuclear materials and nuclear wastes in Finland (EUR 20055 EN, 2001). Additionally there is also the Radiation Act and Decree 1991 that is applied to the use of nuclear energy. Various Ministries have the responsibility for nuclear energy safety and security. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is the primary regulatory body. It is an independent governmental organisation for the regulatory control of radiation and nuclear safety. There are also several acts (Act 1069/83 and Decree 698/97) that enforce the responsibilities of STUK.

The regulator does not specify particular design codes but there are guides that set down the requirements for the design of NPPs. The regulatory system is based on a comprehensive system of regulations and safety guides but it allows for the further development of safety culture within the industry. The current system is considered adequate for the licensing of future evolutionary LWRs.

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