Kori PWR A cost review has been conducted (IAEA-TECDOC-1084, 1999) for Kori NPP Unit 1 PWR, which is a 2 loop PWR that commenced operation in 1978. The original licence was for 30 years, expiring in 2008.

Table 2.12. Costs of lifetime extension of Kori-1 ($US per kWe)

Period of extension (years)

Overnight cost







Data from IAEA-TECDOC-1084 (1999).

A feasibility study was carried out to identify critical components from the point of view of continued operation. For the review, 13 critical components were identified (excluding the steam generators replaced in 1998): reactor pressure vessel, reactor vessel internals, control rod drive mechanisms, pressuriser, reactor coolant system piping, reactor coolant pump, reactor pressure vessel supports, pressuriser nozzles, turbine, cables, containment building and generator.

Three duration periods were considered (10, 20, and 30 years) for different implementation options. Option 1 assumed that only refurbishment and replacement of components would be needed while Option 2 included additional costs for safety back — fitting (in the area of fire protection, equipment qualification), and to withstand station black-out and the costs of licensing.

It was found that the Korean forecasts corresponded well with the US data referred to earlier. As for the US figures, the lower cost option would be competitive against best competitors, e. g. combined cycle units, but the higher cost option may turn out to be non­competitive. In Table 2.12, the lower cost figure is for Option 1, the higher figure for Option 2. However in all cases, the benefit/cost ratios were estimated to be greater than unity and therefore the lifetime extension options were all viable.

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