Effect of Irradiations on Surface Wettability

Figure 10.4a-c shows the wettability change from ultraviolet, y-ray, and proton-beam irradiation, respectively. The horizontal axis denotes an integrated irradiation dose or irradiation time and the vertical axis denotes the measured contact angle. As shown in these figures, the contact angle decreases with the irradiation dose. In these experi­ments, the ambient effect is also studied during the irradiations, which are performed in air or water. As shown in Fig. 10.4a, the ambient effect on the contact angle change is not obvious in the ultraviolet irradiation. However, the ambient effect is very distinct both in the y-ray and the proton-beam irradiations. It is suggested that the wettability enhancement by the radiations may be attributed to the radiolysis of water.

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