Outline of TEF-P

Several neutronic experiments for ADS have been performed in both Europe [6, 7] and Japan. In Japan, subcritical experiments with fast neutron spectrum core were performed at the Fast Critical Assembly (FCA) in JAEA/Tokai, and subcritical experiments with thermal subcritical core driven by 100 MeV protons are performed at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. Many experimental studies also have been performed on the neutronics of the spallation neutron source with various target materials such as lead, tungsten, mercury, and uranium. These experiments for spallation targets are also useful to validate the neutronic charac­teristics of ADS. However, there are no experiments combined with a spallation source installed inside the subcritical fast-neutron core. The purpose of the TEF-P is divided roughly into three subjects: (1) reactor physics aspects of the subcritical core driven by a spallation source, (2) demonstration of the controllability of the subcritical core including power control by the proton beam power adjustment, and

(3) investigation of the transmutation performance of the subcritical core using a certain amount of MA and LLFP.

TEF-P is designed with referring to FCA, the horizontal table-split type critical assembly with a rectangular lattice matrix. In this concept, the plate-type fuel for FCA with various simulation materials such as lead and sodium for coolant, tungsten for solid target, ZrH for moderator, B4C for absorber, and AlN for simulating nitride fuel can be commonly used at TEF-P. Therefore, previous experiments can be correlated with TEF-P experiments. The proton beam will be introduced horizontally at the center of the fixed half assembly, and various kinds of spallation targets can be installed at various axial position of the radial center of the subcritical core. Application of MA fuel is one of the promising characteristics of TEF-P. Installation of a partial mock-up region of MA fuel with air cooling is considered to measure the physics parameters of the transmutation system. R&D to utilize MA fuel by remote handling systems is under way.

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