United States (Alaska)

For the third evaluation case, reference [7.7] indicates the generation costs across Alaska (US) vary between 9.3 and 450 USD/MWh (110-540 USD/MWh in 2009 USD), which exceeds the typical costs in the US contiguous forty eight states by factors of three to ten [7.8]. The climatic and siting conditions in Alaska are similar to those in the northern parts of the Russian Federation and Canada and, therefore, the requirements for NPPs would also be similar. From the economic standpoint, it can be seen that all of the SMRs from Table 7.7 that would meet these requirements could be competitive in particular territories of Alaska. For example, the 4S plant (see Table 4.5 in Section 4.2.5) was originally considered for deployment in the city of Galena in the Alaska state.

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