Software to Display Nuclear Data

Some of the software described below is available on CD-ROM or floppy disk, as well as through the Internet:

2.1.1 US Nuclear Data Network

• CD-ROM version 1.0 of the 8th Edition of the Table of Isotopes (TOI), with Adobe Acrobat viewer to display the hypertext data — released in March 1996 by Richard B. Firestone (LBL), CD-ROM Editor: S. Y. Frank Chu, Editor: Virginia S. Shirley, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (ISBN 0-471-14918-7 Volume set, ISBN 0-471-16405-5 CD-ROM). Updated in 1998:ISBN 0-471-24699-9 Volume set, ISBN 0-471-29090-4.

Five folders are available on this CD-ROM corresponding to the following: Table of Isotopes,

Table of Superdeformed Nuclear Bands and Fission Isomers,

Tables of Atoms, Atomic nuclei and Subatomic Particles,

Description of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Bases,

ENSDF Manual.

• CD-ROM entitled: Nuclear Data and References, PC Applications for

Nuclear Science, PCNudat and Papyrus™ NSR by L. P. Ekstrom, R. R. Kinsey and E. Browne.

For further information:

a) contact in the U SA:

Edgardo Browne (email: ebrowne@lbl. gov)

contact for PCNudat:

Robert Kinsey (email: kinsey@bnl. gov)

b) US Nuclear Data Network (USNDN) Home Page via Internet: h ttp://www. nndc. bn l. gov/usn dp

• EXFOR CD-ROM, see Website: http://www-nds. iaea. or. at/

• MacNuclide project at the San Jose State University.

2.1.2 University of Lund, Sweden

Lund Nuclear Data WWW Service at: http://nucleardata. nuclear. lu. se/nucleardata/

As well as the normal data services, the Lund Website includes the Isotope Explorer 2.0 program, which can interactively access and display nuclear data and search for literature references. Developed by:

S. Y. F. Chua, H. Nordbergb, R. B. Firestone3, and L. P. Ekstromb a Isotopes Project, LBNL, Berkeley bDepartment of Physics, University of Lund

For further information on the Isotope Explorer:

http://ie. lbl. gov/isoexpl/isoexpl. htm

For further information on the Lund Nuclear Data Centre and Services:

Contact: Peter Ekstrom

Address: Department of Physics

University of Lund Box 118, Office: B201 SE-221 00 Lund Sweden

+46 46 22 27647

+46 073 995 7984

+46 46 22 24709

peter. ekstrom@nuclear. lu. se

Visiting address: Professorsgatan 1, Internal post: Hamtstalle 14

2.1.3 Atomic Mass Data Centre, Paris — Orsay

Website of the Atomic Mass Data Centre (AMDC): http://csnwww.

AMDC is devoted to nuclear and mass spectroscopic data. The Centre produces a newsletter that describes on-going experimental, theoretical and evaluation work on the atomic masses, and feedback on important conferences. Furthermore, the 1995 update of the atomic mass evaluation by G. Audi and A. H. Wapstra (1995), and the NUBASE data evaluation by G. Audi et al. (1997) can be displayed by the NUCLEUS PC program or by the ‘jvNubase JAVA applet’ on the Web. NUBASE contains the main nuclear and decay properties of the known nuclides in their ground and isomeric states as derived from ENSDF, the Atomic Mass Evaluation, and a critical compilation of recent literature.

For further information, contact Georges Audi:

Address: Atomic Mass Data Centre, CSNSM (IN2P3-CNRS)

Batiment 108 91405 Orsay Campus France

Telephone: +33 1 6915 5223

Fax: +33 1 6915 5268

E-mail: audi@csnsm.

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