Segment 2: LEVELS

This segment contains 110 files (one for each element) with all known level schemes available from ENSDF in 1998. These files are arranged and pre­processed into an easy-to-read format for nuclear reaction codes. During preprocessing all missing spins were inferred uniquely for each level from spin distributions extracted from the existing data. Electromagnetic and y-ray decay probabilities were estimated. Missing internal conversion coeffi­cients (ICC) were calculated using the inferred or existing spin information, in which existing multipole mixing ratios were also taken into account. Par­ticle decay modes are also given whenever measured. In all cases, the total decay probability was normalized to unity, including particle decay channels.

This segment also contains the results of constant temperature fit of nuclear level schemes. The main purpose of this file is to provide cut-off energies Umax and Uc for completeness of levels and spins in each level scheme. Furthermore, the nuclear temperature inferred from the discrete levels and intended for use in the level density estimation is provided.

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