French Process Equipment

Stages in the Eurodif gaseous diffusion plant contain the same components in the same process sequence as Fig. 14.1, but they are arranged more compactly, as shown in Fig. 14.3, with converter, cooler, compressor, and motor mounted vertically on the same axis. This arrange­ment greatly reduces the length of interconnecting piping and the required floor area and build­ing space.

Charpin et al. [C3] and Massignon [M5] have described several types of diffusion barrier developed in France and given examples of their characteristics. Materials from which these barriers were made include sintered alumina, oxidized aluminum, Teflon, and nickel. Pore radii were in the range of 0.01 to 0.05 pm. Barriers developed in Sweden have been described by Martensson et al. [М3].

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