Description of the containment cooling condenser

The flooding pools are equipped with active coolers. If the active cooling fails, the 3600 m3 pool will not start to evaporate for twelve hours. During a failure the pressure in the containment is increased and the heat is transferred by four containment cooling condensers into the upper shielding pool (see Fig. XI-1, XI-2 and XI-4). Each condenser is able to transfer up to 5.5 MW at a pressure of 0.25 MPa. Each condenser consists of 124 finned tubes arranged in two layers (design state 1998). The tubes have a length of 4 m, an inner diameter of 32 mm and a tube wall thickness of 3 mm. The tubes are arranged with a twelve degree incline. In addition, a second version of the cooling condenser was designed to remove non condensable gases.


FIG. XI-4. Working principle of the containment cooling condenser.

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