Passive residual heat removal (PRHR) system

Подпись: FIG.V- 4. Passive residual heat removal (PRHR) system.

The passive residual heat removal (PRHR) consists of a C-Tube type heat exchanger that resides in the water-filled In-containment refueling water storage tank (IRWST) as shown in the schematic given in Figure V-4. The PRHR provides primary coolant heat removal via a natural circulation loop. Hot water rises through the PRHR inlet line attached to one of the hot legs. The hot water enters the tubesheet in the top header of the PRHR heat exchanger at full system pressure and temperature. The IRWST is filled with cold borated water and is open to the containment Heat removal from the PRHR heat exchanger occurs by boiling on the outside surface of the tubes. The cold primary coolant returns to the primary loop via the PRHR outline line that is connected to the steam generator lower head.

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