Third-Generation Biofuels

MPOB is collaborating with University of Malaya on exploring possibility of culti­vating algae in POME ponds which provide nutrients for growth. POME also pro­vides major sources of CO2 essentially required by algae for growing. Some promising strains were obtained with high lipid and biomass contents (unpublished data).

Cultivation of algae either in POME ponds or other potential sites will face issues and challenges concerning methods for efficient, cost-effective mass-production systems, harvesting and processing. In addition, viable technology for lipid extrac­tion and conversion to produce quality fuels is to be sought after.

To move forward, a consolidated effort in setting up and executing Algae Biofuel Consortium, National Algae Culture Collection Facility and National Algae Genomics and Genetics Facility is required from all relevant parties.

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