There is a large need to expand the energy-supply infrastructure base in the world in the coming decades. IEA (2003) estimates that the global energy system requires investments of the order of 16 trillion USD between 2001 and 2030. This is obviously a tremendous challenge involving engineering, financial and environmental dimensions. But it is also a life time opportunity for the bioenergy sector to provide alternatives that are competitive and beneficial in many respects.

The exploitation of bioenergy opportunites involves a complex and multi­functional challenge. We need to pick the bioenergy segments and applications that can serve to develop win-win solutions in cooperation with other sectors of the economy. In doing this, bioenergy will benefit from other sources of funds, not to finance the energy infrastructure per se, but to make bioenergy a more cost-efficient and sustainable solution, with multiple benefits for society. This will help create market dynamics around bioenergy as we have never experienced before.

Various factors contribute to make bioenergy applications a significant part of the coming energy-supply investments around the world. In Sweden, as well as in the whole of Europe, bioenergy shall take a final leap towards becoming a substantial and reliable supply source of energy within the coming ten years. Although this will demand huge amounts of biomass for energy, it will also further the development of technology and know-how to create a robust infrastructure system for the whole energy supply and use chain. In addition, the policy framework will be decisive in strengthening the political intentions and creating the necessary business environ­ment to allow that to happen.

With opportunities, the pressure to deliver also comes. In the coming ten years, bioenergy experts and entrepreneurs will have to exploit and realize more of the commercial potential of bioenergy products and services in order to match the competition of other renewable energy options. In other words, it is time for the bioenergy sector to deliver at a larger scale and on its own merits!

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