Lignocellulose biomass fitness for the transformation into commercial forms

The several kinds of lignocellulose biomass (arboreal, perennial herbaceous, annual herbaceous) that have different applications. The wooden biomasses are applied to the selling of logs or wood trunks, as well as to chipping and pellet or briquette transformation.

In the first case, the use is limited to small domestic heating plants, whereas chip­ping is necessary for the use of the biomass in large heat generation industrial plants. The briquettes optimally substitute the firewood. The low quality pellet, not suitable for the feed in small plants, can be efficiently used in industrial plants [2, 13].

Herbaceous biomasses are appropriate for the production of chips or pellets which, because of the lower quality, are not suitable for use in small plants, but they find better application in large dimensions equipped with appropriate expedients to optimize com­bustion plants. A possible future scenario is the mixing of the herbaceous and wooden biomass to exploit, in a synergic way, the peculiarities of the two combustibles [2].

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