Methods of Production from Gas Hydrates

Gas can be produced from GH by inducing dissociation, which also releases large amounts of H2O (1). The three main methods of hydrate dissociation are (1) depres­surization, in which the pressure P is lowered to a level lower than the hydration pressure Pe at the prevailing temperature T, (2) thermal stimulation, in which T is raised above the hydration temperature Te at the prevailing P, and (3) the use of inhibitors (such as salts and alcohols), which shifts the Pe-Te equilibrium through competition for guest and host molecules [111] . Long-term production strategies often involve combinations of the three main dissociation methods [ 131, 132] . Another production method involves CH4 exchange with another hydrate-forming gas (e. g., CO2) through a thermodynamically favorable reaction [52, 213].

2 Occurrence, Research Activities and Priorities, and Prospective Production Targets

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