The Future



The biodiesel and biokerosene industry is entering a new era of transition towards alternative feedstocks, emerging technologies, and revised government policies favoring sustainable feedstocks and fuels. Each of these transitions offers considerable investment and growth opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

The global markets for bioenergy are experiencing a period of rapid, transitional growth, creating fantastic investment opportunities. The first-generation bioe­nergy markets in Europe and the United States have reached impressive pro­duction capacity levels, but remain constrained by feedstock availability, and agricultural priorities. In the BRIC nations of Brazil, India, and China, in the European Union, and in the United States, billions of government infra­structure dollars to develop renewable energies are spawning hundreds of new opportunities for feedstock development. I hope the future will show that important technological improvements will unfold in second-generation bio­fuels, and that the first generation will remain reserved for food production for humans and animals.

A fundamental transition in global fuel production is now happening. In 2007, there were only 20 oil-producing nations supplying the needs of over 193 nations. Today, every country in the world producing biofuels. The world has entered a new era where emerging market nations around the equator are becoming become big producers of global green energy fuels.


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