Agricultural Land

Many countries in the world do not allow you to acquire agricultural land. Many countries in Africa and Asia do give 50-year concessions to cultivate state-owned or

locally owned land, but it is often not possible to actually own the land. Good options to purchase vast stretches of agricultural land are New Zealand, Romania, Canada, Australia, and the United States. Brazil is becoming more and more restrictive towards foreigners who want to buy land. A big issue is the logistics. Is there an infrastructure to transport the crops from the fields to the harbor? Do you have good local partners? If you do not want the hassle of managing it, you can also invest in many well-run agricultural funds, which buy land and grow grains, feed cows, grow eucalyptus wood, and so on. Often you must have a long financial foresight: you might block your money for 6-10 years without an exit possibility. Agricultural land in the United States increased in value on average 25% in 2011 and the same story counts for Brazil.


invest in Trees

There are excellent funds that invest in timber, acacia, and eucalyptus wood for you. You must have a long foresight, because wood grows slowly. However, if you own the land as well (the number one choice is Brazil) you will double your money every 5 years. Contact me if you need further advice. A good example of a forest investment is the endowment of Harvard University, which has bought 50 000 hectares of forests in Romania.


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