Particulates of the syngas include ash and char. Ash is composed of minerals such as metal oxides, whereas char is composed of carbon. The most commonly used technology for particulate removal is cyclone separator. Cyclone separator removes particulate by applying centrifugal force on the particle and letting it move downward for collection. Several designs such as 1D-2D (1 dimension width and 2 dimension height), 1D-3D (1 dimension width and 2 dimension height) and 2D-2D (1 dimension width and 2 dimension height) have been described by Parnell and others for removing these particulates (Parnell 1982, 1990). Particulate with smaller size (fine particulates) can be removed by electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and other technologies if downstream syngas applications require syngas to have lower particulate content.

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