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In this book, we talk about opportunities and challenges when it comes to harnessing the biomass potential. In other words, we consider ways through which bioenergy can contribute to global sustainable energy systems. What types of energy services can be provided and how? What needs to be addressed when implementing bioenergy systems? We do not try to be comprehensive but […]

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New Challenges for Bioenergy in Sweden

Erik Ling and Semida Silveira 3.1. BIOENERGY IN TRANSITION The next ten years will be decisive in terms of turning biomass into a major modern and reliable energy supply source globally. The ongoing development of bioenergy technologies and the know-how and liberalization of energy markets, allied to increasing international trade with biofuels, and policies supporting emissions trading and green certificates […]

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Dissemination of Biomass District Heating Systems in Austria: Lessons Learned

Christian Rakos[4] 4.1. DISTRICT HEATING IN AUSTRIA Energy from biomass provides about 13 per cent (130PJ) of all Austrian primary energy consumption today. The greatest part of this bioenergy use (60 per cent) can be attributed to traditional stoves and boilers fired with wood logs. Small district heating plants have, however, gained increasing importance in the last 20 years as […]

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Conditions for the implementation of different energy systems vary from country to country. For example, the natural resource availability, existing infrastructure and the types of services on demand are likely to define technology choices and system options (Roos et al., 1999). Policies and priorities may also imply more or less favorable conditions for given technologies and solutions, setting the development […]

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We referred earlier as to what may be a turning point in bioenergy utilization. This idea needs perhaps to be further developed and motivated. During the industri­alization period, started in England in the middle of the eighteenth century, fossil fuels gained increasing importance, offering the scale, efficiency and reliability needed to change production systems radically. The supremacy of fossil fuels […]

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In the past decade, the number of countries exploring biomass opportunities for the provision of energy services has increased rapidly. This has contributed to make biomass, in the form of solid and liquid fuels, an attractive and promising option among available renewable energy sources. This includes solid biomass and waste, which consists of firewood, charcoal, energy crops, and forest and […]

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