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An adequate mixture should provide a high concentration of biomass, enable the circula­tion of liquid, keep the cells in suspension, eliminate thermal stratification, optimize the dis­tribution of nutrients, improve gas exchange, and reduce the shading and photoinhibition of microalgae. Turbulent flow is essential for maximum production of microalgae in open ponds. In raceway cultures, velocities of 5.0 cm. s-1 are […]

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Closed Systems

Open systems are currently still the preferable choice for microalgal production on a large scale, especially when they are designed to produce low-priced products, such as biofuels. However, due to the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines, pro­duction of high-value products from microalgae for application in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics seems feasible only in well-controlled photobioreactors with closed system ope­rations. […]

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