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Turkey’s Biggest Hydropower Dam Project Victim of Faltering Peace Talks

The violence erupted in response to faltering peace talks between Kurds and the Turkish government to end a 30-year struggle for autonomy, escalating further in October over Turkey’s perceived failure to intervene to help Syrian Kurds in Kobani against Islamic State. The halted work on the dams — part of a $35.5 billion development project — has led to hundreds […]

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Hydropower Financing Gets a Boost from the US Department of Energy

In July, the DOE announced $4B in loan guarantees for five key areas of renewable energy technology. The loans are part of the President’s Climate Action Plan, which aims to cut carbon pollution and decrease greenhouse emissions through a variety of measures, including loan guarantees that support clean, innovative technologies. Among the five areas on which the DOE has decided […]

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