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British Airways

British Airways has announced that it is constructing a 19-million-gallon-per — year waste biomass gasification plant in East London, close to London City Airport and close to the Olympic Games facilities (www. biofueldigest. com/ bdigest/2010/02/15). This factory will produce renewable aviation biofuels from London’s waste and the plant will commence operations in 2015. It will utilize 500 000 tonnes of […]

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Invest in Private Equity Funds

Under the umbrella of Mother Earth Investments AG you can invest in a private equity fund under Luxemburg law, which manages plantations and invests in biofuels, biomass projects, high-tech biofuel companies, and so on. You will enjoy the expertise, the research, and the contacts of Mother Earth Investments and Biomass Partners Ltd. worldwide. Roland A. Jansen is a shareholder in […]

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Company List

The probable winners will be those with deep pockets and patience, such as Royal Dutch Shell, BP, DuPont, agriculture giant Archer Daniels Midland, or the rare start-up with revenues from another business, such as a drug or chemical pro­ducer. For the rest, the demonstration biorefineries now being built are more like pilot plants that are more demonstration plants for conglomerates […]

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Cathay Pacific

Most airlines invest in new planes, kerosene, personnel, and infrastructure, but not in agriculture or plantations to produce biokerosene. They still think that they can secure sufficient feedstock supplies from third parties. Personally, I do not think this is feasible in the near future. Meanwhile, starting 2012, the airlines face big carbon credit bills, which will reduce their net profits […]

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