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Agricultural Land

Many countries in the world do not allow you to acquire agricultural land. Many countries in Africa and Asia do give 50-year concessions to cultivate state-owned or locally owned land, but it is often not possible to actually own the land. Good options to purchase vast stretches of agricultural land are New Zealand, Romania, Canada, Australia, and the United States. […]

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Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines has successfully demonstrated the use of algae as an aviation fuel in a 2-hour test flight at George Bush International Airport in Houston. The flight was the first test of biofuels by a North American airline, the first to utilize algae as a biofuel feedstock, and the first biofuels test flight in a two-engine jet (www. biofuelsdigest. com/blog2/2009/01/08/continental-airlines).

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Brazil’s largest airline TAM announced on 23 November 2010 that it had suc­cessfully conducted what it called the first experimental flight in Latin America using aviation biofuel. TAM said on YouTube that the 45-minute flight of an Airbus A320 using biofuel made from the seeds of J. curcas took place on 22 November 2010 off the coast of Rio de […]

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Your own Biofuel/Biomass Production Company

Agroindustrial and forestry residues, which are byproducts of key industrial and economical activities, stand out as potential raw materials for the production of renewable fuels, chemicals, and energy. The use ofwastes is advantageous as their availability is not hindered by a requirement for arable land for the production of food. Europe does not produce enough waste, and woodchips and palm […]

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