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Size of At-Plant Storage Yard

As an example, maximum at-plant storage for a three-day supply is calculated as follows. 1.75 racks/h x 72 h = 270 racks Racks will be stacked two high in “units” with two rows of 24 spaces each, thus there are 48 storage spaces in each unit. Each unit stores 96 racks. Three units are required for a 270-rack storage.

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Plantation Cropping Systems

It is not just trees as biomass for fuels that threatens forests and communities that depend on them. Many of the land acquisitions by foreign firms in Tanzania, for example, take land from traditional land holders and refugees for biofuel plantations [27]. The existing and proposed crops include jatropha, sugarcane, and white sorghum as well as oil palm and Croton […]

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Effect of Source on Feedstock Quality

Because logging residues are often laid or piled on disturbed, exposed soil during harvesting and processing, either in-woods or at the roadside, and may also be dragged along skid trails during extraction, the ash content tends to be high and affects the quality and value of this feedstock source. It is especially important that machine operators know if logging residues […]

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Time and Risk

As the discussion here has shifted from deterministic models of production and profit to stochastic models with risk, the dimension of time was made explicit in the crop production process. The time between the crop planting decision and the sale of the crop was identified as a source of risk. Time is a critical dimension of biological processes. Longer periods […]

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Agronomic Efficiencies and Management

Once the dedicated energy crop has been chosen and established, the supply chain must have a robust agricultural infrastructure to support it. The selection of dedicated energy crop species and mix will impact the agricultural infrastructure required to economically and sustainably operate the supply chain. Some energy crops require little to no modification of existing planters, harvesting equipment, and transport […]

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Concentration Yards

It is possible to combine the maneuverability of small trucks with the long-haul efficiency of large semi-trailers by using a concentration yard to improve logistics [6]. Concentration yards, also known as sort yards for roundwood, are intermediate transfer points where material is collected. In the forest sector, they typically serve to improve logistics in transportation, processing, storage and marketing. For […]

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