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Les Cedres, Stevens Creek hydropower projects join Hydro Hall of Fame

Two additional plants were added to the Hydro Hall of Fame at this year’s HydroVision International closing awards luncheon and finale in Nashville, Tenn. The Hydro Hall of Fame is a collection of 38 plants that have been in continuous operation for 100 years or more. These testaments to hydropower’s durability and long life have been chosen as inductees by […]

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Building a Viable Solar Marketplace in Nigeria

In countries where there are established markets for alternative and renewable energy sources, economic and financial inducements such as feed in tariffs, tax incentives, net metering and self supply schemes have significantly driven market activities in the new energy sector and provided enabling environments for individuals, businesses and the government to play their respective roles in developing a more vibrant […]

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Finalists for Renewable Energy World Projects of the Year 2014 Revealed

The finalists were selected from four major categories: Renewables, Gas, Coal and Nuclear. The finalists for Best Renewable Project are NRG Energy’s Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station in California, Ontario Power Generation’s Atikokan Generating Station Biomass Conversion Project, the Arizona Solana project built by Abengoa, the Pantex Wind Project in Texas, nominated by the Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group Inc., and […]

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