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Oleaginous Macroorganisms: Insect Oil to Produce Biodiesel

In the past few years, biodiesel production from insect oil is gaining interest in the scientific community (Leung et al. 2012; Li et al. 2011a, b). This technology is based on the fact that many insects possess a lipid body rich in monounsaturated (MUFA) and polyunsaturated (PUFA) fatty acids (Rumpold and Schluter 2013). MUFA are among the preferred fatty acids […]

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Application of Analytical Chemistry in the Production of Liquid Biofuels

Silvio Vaz Jr. and Jennifer R. Dodson Abstract Analytical techniques are vital for the development of new added-value materials and products from biomass, such as liquid biofuels, by evaluating the quality and chemical composition of the raw materials and all materials and byprod­ucts in the production process. This also enables the evaluation and implementation of environmental laws and better understanding […]

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