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Construction steps

4.1 Facility layout The anaerobic digestion can be accomplished in one digester, and thus the facility is called ‘single-stage biogas facility’. In other facility layouts, the anaerobic digestion can be carried out in two stages, i. e. in two different tanks in order to optimize the operating conditions, and thus the facility is called ‘two-stage biogas facility’. The single-stage facility […]

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Static yield stress

The static yield stress (ts) is the yield stress measured in an undisturbed fluid while dynamic yield stress is the shear stress a fluid must be exposed to in order to become liquid and start flowing. The fact that both dynamic yield stress and static yield stress sometimes may appear is explained by the existence of two different structures of […]

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Bioenergy production from different kinds of wastewaters

Methanogenic anaerobic digestion is a classical anaerobic bioconversion process that has been practiced for over a century and used in full-scale facilities worldwide. This is a complicated process that involves a mixture of population of microorganisms and several gasses and liquid products, thus strict process control and product purification are required. Biogas production have been demonstrated in numerous studies with […]

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The acidogenic step consists of a degradation of produced components from the hydrolysis step, by the action of acidogenic and fermentative bacteria. It leads to the formation of a mixture of: organic acids, volatile fatty acid (VFA), alcohols, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonium, etc.

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Sources of energy for cooking

The source of energy varied from one category to another across the three wealth ranks. Nevertheless, fuelwood dominated energy sources in all the three categories, where over 77% of the respondents were using fuelwood for cooking (Table 4), followed by biogas, very few of the respondents were using charcoal. No-one was using electricity for cooking.

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Biogas technology overview and status in Africa

Biogas technology is viewed as one of the renewable technologies in Africa that can help eases its energy and environmental problems. To date, some digesters have been installed in several sub-Saharan countries, utilising a variety of waste such as from slaughterhouses, municipal wastes, industrial waste, animal dung and human excreta. Small-scale biogas plants are located all over the continent but […]

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